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Biosafety & Biosecurity in the Laboratory

Application Areas

BIOCONSULTING-LN® helps clients to accurately answer critical questions such as:

  • Have we developed all the required actions to address the biosafety regulations? How can we verify this issue?
  • If biological materials are handled, how can we develop and implement a biorisk assessment, as needed? How can we develop a right biosafety management system?
  • Are we confident our engineering has placed biosafety equipments in the proper locations within our facility? Which biocontainment level really has our lab? Which req
  • uirements should we follow to design a biocontainment lab?
  • Do we need a special permit for importing “this” kind of biological material?
  • Do we need a specific authorization for working with “this” biological material? How can we obtain these?
  • Is there an employee in-house who has the experience and time to take care of all these issues?

If your company works with biological agents (bacteria, viruses, recombinant DNA, cell lines, genetic modified microorganisms) or biological materials (blood, tissues, potentially infectious materials, diagnostic specimens) or research laboratory animals, we offer a wide range of biological safety-related services that are substantial for your business.